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What to Do with All Your Books

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Maybe you’ve collected books for years, or maybe your reading habits have increased over the past year. Either way, if you prefer physical books to e-books or audio versions, you probably need to do something with your stacks of paperbacks and hardcovers. 

We have three ideas for you. Try one, two or all! 

Display Them

Proud of your book collection? Want all your novels and reference materials to be easily accessible? Show them off! 

You don’t have to be formal about it like a library or a bookstore. Arrange the volumes by color and size, rather than alphabetically. For a more casual look, lay them horizontally in a bookcase.

BookcaseMix in art objects and plants with your books to create visual interest.

You don’t have to display your books in a dedicated bookcase. Place the prettier ones in less expected spots, like on top of coffee tables, along shelves or on countertops, especially if they’re cookbooks.

How to display booksDon’t be afraid to get creative. Put smaller books inside a basket on a shelf for a fun conversation piece.

Store Them

Sometimes our books aren’t so pretty or they’re too worn to be shown in public. Yet, we still want to keep them. 

The first step is to decide where you’ll store your books. Choose a room that stays relatively dry and at a steady temperature. An uninsulated attic, a basement and a garage are generally not good options.

How to store booksA fabric bin can store books just out of sight.

Next, make sure your books are clean and dry before storing them. If they’re particularly valuable or meaningful to you, you might want to wrap them individually to further protect them from damage.

Lastly, avoid using storage containers, such as old boxes, that have held food, as well as paper boxes. The latter might contain acids that will eat away at your books’ delicate paper.

Share Them

There are some books that you know you’ll never read again. Instead of letting them waste away on your shelves, give them away. Offer them to a friend. Post in an online group. If they’re worth something, try selling them online or at your next yard sale.

Better yet, donate or lend them. Your local school system or library might find use for your old books, especially if they’re gently used.

A new trend is the lending library. You may have seen these cute boxes around your neighborhood. They often look like little houses and have a door where books are held for would-be borrowers. You can also make a contribution to these libraries – or even create your own. Locate one near you and learn how to start your own on

LendingLibraryLending libraries let people share books any time of the day or year.

Give your books a home – whether that means they’re on display in your house, stowed away for future reference or in the hands of a new owner. 

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