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Home Organization, Tips, His and Her Closet

How to Merge Households

By: Storganization Staff

When you’re moving in together, taking steps to prepare yourselves and your home will help ensure the honeymoon phase lasts for more than a few days.

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Bedroom, Maximize Space, Home Decor, Closet Organization, His and Her Closet

Introducing ClosetMaid's New Modular Closet System

By: Storganization Staff

We are excited to announce the newest addition to ClosetMaid’s line of wood closet organizers, the Modular Closet! Available in a fresh, white finish, the Modular Closet is a versatile closet...

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How TO, Closet Organization, His and Her Closet

5 Tips on How to Share a Closet

By: Storganization Staff

Sharing a space with your significant other can make things complicated, especially when two worlds are forced to collide into a single closet. Trying to organize for two in a space meant for one...

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