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Three Easy DIY Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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Whether you’re an amateur chef, an avid baker or you just throw together quick meals, you need an organized kitchen to keep yourself and your prep area efficient and tidy. The good news is that making changes for the better doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Even the least handy people can improve their kitchen storage spaces with our DIY ideas.


Are your kitchen cabinets and drawers overcrowded with dish towels, spice packets and lids that won’t stay stacked? Try a quick fix. Our small wire products include solutions like a towel rack, a clip-on packet basket and a lid and plate organizer. Wire shelves take advantage of unused vertical space, even in the corners of your cabinets.

spice cabinet organizerA Mini 6 Cube makes an easy and beautiful way to showcase and store small kitchen items.

If you want to display your spices or other cooking necessities, make them pretty. Transfer dried herbs and spices to matching clear jars, add printed labels and store the jars on the counter in a display case with coordinating plants, mugs or other kitchen items. 


Without knocking down walls, building out a pantry or calling in a contractor, you can increase your kitchen storage space. 

  • Hang a multi-tier rack on the back of a door or a wall to hold cans, condiments, cleaning supplies and other essentials. 
  • Install a pull-out trash bin in a lower cabinet to free up floor space.
  • Assemble a freestanding cabinet to expand your pantry – or to create a mini one. 

pull out kitchen basketPull-out baskets create easy access to small appliances, pots – just about anything you need to store in the kitchen – with minimal installation.


Putting up shelving can be done on a weekend afternoon and make a huge impact on your kitchen’s appearance and efficiency.

Upgrade a pantry’s existing shelving with Premium Wood Shelving. It has the look of a professionally installed project but it’s totally DIY. Our wood shelving is so attractive, it can also be used in place of cabinets. Showcase your prettiest cookware or stack your dishes neatly on the shelves.

kitchen pantry shelvingOrganize your kitchen pantry in a weekend by installing shelves and putting dry goods like pasta and cereal in clear jars.

Redoing your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a second mortgage or even hiring a handyman. These DIY solutions can make life easier for you in less than a weekend. For all of your storage and organization needs, visit our social channels for inspiration and ideas: FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest

When you’re ready to reorganize, go to our website. Your kitchen will thank you!


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