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The Best Closet System Based On Your Personal Style

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Bedroom, Home Organization, SpaceCreations, Style+, Home Decor, Closet Organization, Home Trends

Your personal style tells the world who you are, and your home and closet should reflect that, too. After all, where and how you keep your clothing organized is just as important as the clothing you wear.

To help you choose the perfect closet design, here’s a guide based on a few of today’s most popular styles:


1.) Minimalist

You take a “no frills” approach to life, and that includes your home and wardrobe. You like to stick to neutral, airy color palettes and simple furnishings.

For those embracing minimalism, picking a closet system in a light neutral color like white, gray or natural textures is the best choice. If you’re struggling with a small closet space, sticking to light colors can make the space feel larger while maintaining a clean look.


1669 - Narrow Floor Tower - White 6ft Lifestyle

ClosetMaid Style+ 


2.) Industrial

You love the look of unfinished elements in your home and incorporating raw accents like exposed brick, high ceilings, and dark wood into your space.

Choose a closet system with wood finishes and stick to a color palette of dark neutrals like brown, beige, and gray to achieve a modern, sophisticated look. Organizing your items in drawers and on hangers will make things easier to find and keep your space looking streamlined.



ClosetMaid SpaceCreations 


3.) Eclectic/Bold

There’s nothing minimal about you or your home! Your style is fearless and you love any bright color and bold pattern you can get your hands on.

Since you love expressing yourself through the clothes you wear, you probably have a lot of them to store at home. Consider a more open closet design like SuiteSymphony that allows you to fully showcase your style and keep things organized.



ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony


Fun Tip: Consider adding color or a bold wallpaper to the interior of your closet for an extra pop of your personality!


4.) Beach/Coastal

The beach is your version of heaven and you love coastal culture. Stick to a color palette of blues, greens, and warm neutrals to make your home feel like a day at the beach even in the winter.

To achieve a light, airy feel, an open concept with ventilated shelving can allow your space to breathe and will complement your theme, making every day feel like a tropical getaway.



ClosetMaid Premium Wood Shelving  


5.) Farmhouse Style

The simplified coziness of the modern farmhouse style can instantly make anybody feel right at home -- even in your bedroom closet. Select a color palette of neutral shades and decorate with warm textures to make your space feel even more welcoming.

Be sure to contrast any vintage-inspired elements, like wrought iron accents, or dark woods with a closet system in white to complete the look.



ClosetMaid MasterSuite 27th Avenue


By letting your personal style shine through in your home, you can make your closet just as much of an extension of who you are as the clothes you wear.

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