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Storage Stand-Offs

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Ever secretly wish you could magically transform your partner’s organization habits, or just make their old possessions that have no place in your shared home vanish? If so, you are not alone!

In a recent survey of 1,000 couples who live together, we found out that organization plays a large role in our relationships.

About 69 percent of couples say they regularly argue about tidiness, especially if one person is more disorganized than the other. Also, one in five people wishes they could throw away some of their partner’s belongings without them founding out!



Even in the hit show Friends, Chandler’s Barcalounger was a problem item for Monica, and in the movie When Harry Met Sally, it was the ‘wagon wheel’ table that caused a heated discussion about divorce.




Clearly, this desire isn’t limited to fiction with 69 percent of people saying they wish they could throw away scruffy or outdated clothes, books, art that’s become an eyesore, old kitchenware, and furniture.





Of the couples surveyed, women said they were the more organized and tidy person in their relationship. However, men claimed that they were the ones more willing to end a relationship with a significant other over messy organization habits!




We also discovered that older couples fight less about their partner’s habits. Only 17 percent of couples in their 50s argue once a week about their partner’s organization, compared to the 47 percent of couples aged 25 and under.

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