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Shoe Storage Ideas

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According to our clutter survey, the average woman says shoes cause the most clutter in her closet! With all these boots, heels, sneakers, flats and more, storage space can be in short supply. We’ve put together some ideas on how to store and neatly display all your favorite footwear.


Cube Storage and Bins

With designated space for each pair, cube storage makes it easy to get your shoes organized. Choose between various cube design styles and sizes, such as a simple 9-cube organizer or stylish 3-cube storage bench.


 3 Cube Storage Bench_BKW

3-Cube Storage Bench


Then, protect your favorite pairs by storing them in fabric drawers and bins.


Fabric Bin with Window_Mocha

Fabric Bin with window


Stackable Storage

Supplement your existing closet space or entryway with stackable storage. Mix and match these organizers to create a configuration that fits your shoe storage needs.


Stackable Storage_24 in. Horizontal Organizer

ClosetMaid 24 In. Horizontal Organizer and 25 Cube Organizer

Stackable Storage_25 Cube Organizer


Open Shelving

If you need a lot of shoe storage, design a vertical tower of open shelving, or opt for several upper or lower sections of shoe shelves to showcase your footwear.


SpaceCreations Premier Dark Java_Shoe Shelving   SuiteSymphony Pure White_Shoe Shelving Tower

ClosetMaid SpaceCreations and SuiteSymphony


Angled Wire Shelving

Even if you have a wire system in your closet, you can create ample storage space for your shoes. Add shelves (regular or angled) near the floor to maximize space. High heels will be happy if you use shelf liner to prevent heels from falling through the open spaces.


ShelfTrack Shoe Shelving

ClosetMaid Wire Shelving and Shelf Liner

ShelfTrack Shoe Shelving_Shelf Liner


Shoe Racks 

For a quick fix, consider shoe racks. These options are affordable, easy-to-install and come in many different styles, such as expandable, freestanding or over-the-door.


Shoe Rack_3-Tier Shoe Organizer   Wall & Door Shoe Rack

3-Tier Shoe Organizer and Adjustable Wall & Door Shoe Organizer


Ready to get your shoes organized? Watch our Shoe Storage QuickTip video for more ideas, and be sure to check out, and all of our other channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Houzz and Flickr


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