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Seven Ways to Store Your Summer Gear

Posted by: Storganization Staff

Summertime – when the living is easy but keeping your house tidy is not so easy! Between pool parties, camp activities and family vacations, your home can become chaotic with wet swimsuits, muddy shoes and tote bags. Follow our eight tips to get and stay organized all season long.

Cube storage is an inexpensive way to keep the kids’ summer things corralled.

1. Store sports equipment in designated cube and/or fabric drawers by an exterior door. Each child or each activity can have its own space in the cube organizer.

2. Create an area in the entryway for shoe storage. This way, no one is tracking dirt and wet footprints onto your floors.

entryway organization ideasShoe racks and cubbies in the entryway provide easy storage for summer footwear, hats, sunglasses and more so you can grab what you need and get outdoors.

3. Keep any liquids, like sunscreen, insect repellant, calamine lotion, in a portable container such as a fabric bin or small bag. Remember to check the expiration dates on anything that’s left over from last year.

4. Insert a divider into your closet drawers to separate bathing suits, coverups and other summery, folded clothes. You’ll fit more items in the drawer and be better able to see and access everything.

closet drawer systemAcrylic drawer dividers allow you to sort bathing suit tops from bottoms and avoid creating a messy pile of clothing. 

5. Use hooks on the back of your bedroom door to hold your beach hats, ball caps and tote bags. They’ll be easy to grab and go, and they won’t take up much room.

6. Have a place for wet items to drip dry. The last thing you want is a dangerously slippery floor or a pile of mildewing towels and swimsuits.

mudroom storage ideasHooks and wire baskets in the mudroom make for a perfect drop zone in the summer.
Pictured: SpaceCreations

7. Hang heavy-duty shelving in the garage for your summer toys and equipment, including pool noodles, portable chairs, tents and beach toys. By stashing these items in the garage, they’ll be ready to go when you’re loading up the car for a road trip or a short drive to the neighborhood pool.

garage shelvingSports equipment, coolers and other outdoor items can live on heavy-duty shelving in the garage.

This summer, you’ll have more carefree days by setting your home up for ideal organization that everyone in the family can get behind. 

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