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Refresh Your Winter Mudroom

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Entryway, How TO, Mudroom, Winter

After months of blustery weather and unpredictable snow storms, you might find that your mudroom and entryway are starting to feel the negative side effects of the winter season. Don’t worry! We put together some easy, DIY-friendly tips to help you refresh and rejuvenate your mudroom.

Stop the mess before it can begin

Invest in quality doormats on both sides of the front door. This will trap outside dirt and grime upon entry and help keep your floor nice and clean.

doormat idea

Explore the full DIY tutorial for this doormat on Chez Larsson.

Get creative with your storage

Mount a stack basket on the wall or place it on the floor to hold small items like gloves and mittens. This way you’re never stuck looking for a lost glove! Bonus: The ventilated wire will help any damp fabric dry more quickly.

white wire basket for storageMount a wire basket near the front door or place it on the floor to contain small damp items like mittens and gloves.

Create your own DIY drip station

Tired of snowy boots melting and leaving puddles all over the floor? Create your own DIY shoe drip tray to catch the watery mess.

DIY drip tray

Read this full tutorial on Reality Daydream!

Give yourself a place to sit and dress

Getting ready to go outside in the winter time requires some additional outfit planning. Create a place at the front door to sit down when you’re putting on all those bulky layers.

325800 - 3 Cube Bench _Natural Gray lifestyleCube storage that doubles as a bench is an attractive and affordable way to add functionality to your mudroom, no matter how big or small it is.

Make your mudroom work harder for you!

Even if you don’t have a closet in your mudroom, establish a storage system that allows you to hang your coats, sort your mail, store your keys and hide any other miscellaneous clutter.

mudroom storage ideas
A standalone DIY storage system like ClosetMaid SpaceCreations can simulate an entryway closet and fulfill your family’s needs perfectly.


With an upgraded mudroom and entryway space, the last few months of winter will fly by before you know it! For more lifestyle and organization tips, visit and check out all of our other channels: FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest

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