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Prepare Your Kitchen and Pantry Before the Holidays

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With the holidays fast approaching, extra seasonal cooking is in the near future. By organizing your kitchen and pantry now, you can free up more time to spend with loved ones.  

Make your kitchen and pantry work together.

As the trend for open living spaces becomes more popular, the pantry should be thought of as an extension of the kitchen. Consider storing anything kitchen-related in the pantry, not just food.




Rethink what you store.

House small appliances and bulky items in the pantry to keep the kitchen counters clear for meal prep. These items should be stored below, and smaller appliances that are needed daily should be within eyesight and reach.

SpaceCreations_Lam_White_StraightOn_resized2You can configure a SpaceCreations pantry to hold anything from cutting boards to cookbooks.

Over-the-door racks are also a great addition to the back of a pantry door and can store cleaning supplies, wrapping products, paper goods and more!


CLM_Wall and Door Rack_Pantry.png

Use a Wall-and-Door Rack to hold smaller items like bottles, jars and even cleaning products.

Upgrade your storage space.

Today, the standard size for a walk-in pantry is about five by five feet, and reach-ins are about three by five feet. Most pantries are equipped with five shelves placed about 14” apart. However, consider adding a flexible organization system like ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack, which can be easily adapted for your family’s ever-changing storage needs.


CLM_ShelfTrack Pantry_Detailed.png

ShelfTrack has a variety of accessories, including drawers, to help make your pantry work for you.

Don’t forget to accessorize!

Add even more function to the pantry and kitchen cabinets with shelf dividers, spice racks, and pull-out baskets to improve the visibility and accessibility of everything you are storing.


PremKitchenOrganizers_3Tier.jpg  PremKitchenOrganizers_SpiceRack.jpg

Installing Premium Kitchen Organizers takes advantage of valuable unused space in your kitchen cabinets.

Preparing your kitchen and pantry now for upcoming seasonal cooking can make all the difference this year!

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