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Overwhelmed by Clutter? Here's Where to Start

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Declutter, Organize by Room

While there are all kinds of helpful tips to help keep a clutter-free home, it can be easy for our houses or apartments to get filled with unwanted objects. Clutter normally starts within your basement or other common out-of-the-way rooms and if you’re not careful it can easily grow to take over the whole house! Whether you’re prepping for spring cleaning or are just looking to gain extra space within your living area, there are a few key areas where you can begin to make your decluttering process easy.

Start with Your Problem Area

We all have that room that never gets organized. The place where all unwanted things tend to end up. Christmas ornaments, antiques, broken furniture – these are only some of the numerous items you can find within that holding area. Even if it starts out empty, slowly but surely, this spot will be full of unwanted items.

Before you begin, choose a specific section that you want to start with. Once you have that section figured out, move on to the next section. Since certain sections can take longer than others, set up time increments for when to tackle certain tasks. You can do this by hours, days or even minutes. It can be overwhelming to tackle an entire pile, so taking your time will make it easier to conquer and make the process less stressful overall.

CM Heavy Duty Nickel_Garage Detail-1Install MaxLoad wire shelving in your garage to store the items you’re keeping.


Look at Your Wardrobe

Every year fashion trends come in and out of style, and it always seems like we end up with more clothes than we know what to do with. “What if I wear this again?” “What if this comes back into style?” are only some of the questions that can lead us to keeping items we no longer need.

When going through your wardrobe, make three piles: donate, keep and sell. Determining what you want to sell versus donate will depend on the quality and brand. If contemplating an old used soccer shirt, add that to the donation pile. If looking at a pair of nice Madewell jeans, add that to the selling pile. Not everyone wants to go into multiple stores to try and sell things, so you can choose to sell your wardrobe online. This is a much easier alternative and will help you get rid of unwanted clothing items much faster.

SSym Doors 25in Pure WHT Detail rev_resizedOrganize your remaining clothing and accessories in your closet. Storage systems like SuiteSymphony offer a variety of configurations and options you can tailor to your needs.

Hit the Bathroom Closet

The bathroom closet is a common area where products pile up. This can be from buying discounted products we see at stores, products we think we’ll use but never do, or products we half use and never fully finish. You’ll be amazed at all the unused soaps, free makeup samples and half-used lotions you might find by really digging through your bathroom storage area.

CM White Laminate Bathroom2To help tame the bathroom closet clutter, tackle a DIY project with Selectives.

You can easily accomplish cleaning out your bathroom with only a few simple steps! Keep in mind that waste is a large worldwide issue so once you’ve cleaned out your bathroom with all your unwanted products, try to give away as many as possible. You never know who could need lotions or free makeup samples!

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