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Our Top Gift Ideas

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This holiday season, give your colleagues, friends and family the gift of organization so they can enjoy their hobbies and daily life more.

For Your Coworker

Help your favorite workmate, employee or manager keep a tidy workspace, whether it’s in the office or at home, with a Mini Cube Organizer. The Mini 6 Cube Organizer and the Mini Offset Cube Organizer can sit on top of a desk for added storage or be mounted to the wall in the office. Available in two beautiful neutrals, Bleached Walnut and Weathered Teak, they make an affordable gift at just $21 each. 

Bonus Idea: Enhance your gift with a candle, coffee mug or other small items that fit into the cubbies.

cube storageMini Cube Organizers are the perfect gift for a coworker.

For Your Kids

The little ones will need a place to store their new gifts. The kids will love pushing their mobile toy chest to cart their toys wherever they want to play around the house. (And you will love how easy it is to put the toys away no matter where they end up!) A storage locker will add places to hang things like backpacks, coats and dress-up clothes – and younger kids can pretend they’re already in high school with their own locker. 

Bonus Idea: Add a colorful fabric drawer or two to the storage locker for more places to stash your kid’s toys.

kid's storageA storage locker can make the kids feel grown up with their own space to put their things away.

For the Gardener

Does someone in your family love to toil in the soil and nurture their plants? Consider creating an organized spot to house all the gardening necessities, from shovels to watering cans. A two-shelf kit provides easy access to smaller items, while a workbench tabletop and cabinet offer a surface for container gardening. Shop the entire ProGarage collection

Looking for stocking stuffers? Wall hooks will give those long-handled tools a permanent residence off the floor.

Bonus Idea: Include a new rake, trowel or shovel with your themed gift. 

garage storageA gardening nook in the garage lets your favorite green thumb work any time of the year.

For the Cook

A tidy kitchen makes for a happy chef! Door-mounted spice racks, cabinet organizers and lid and plate organizers take advantage of unused space and keep all the notoriously disorganized cooking things in their places.

kitchen cabinet storageWith the help of a pull-out basket, reaching the back of the cabinet will never be easier.

Bonus Idea: Prefill their new spice rack with a set of herbs, rubs and other seasonings.

For the Woodworker

Know someone who loves to tinker, to build things from scratch or to refurbish thrift store finds? A dedicated area in the garage, shed or basement would make an ideal gift. Cabinets, shelves and a work surface are all you’ll need to set your favorite carpenter up for success.

Bonus Idea: Hide a new tool or how-to book in one of the cabinets as an extra surprise.

garage cabinetsA simple setup like this from the ClosetMaid ProGarage collection will turn almost any space into a workshop.

For the Clotheshorse

If someone on your gift list collects shoes, loves to accessorize or is always the best dressed, present him or her with a stylish way to store everything! A shoe rack or decorative cube storage can increase organization without going over your spending limit. Or go all out for a new closet system like SpaceCreations or SuiteSymphony.

Bonus Idea: Wrap a new pair of shoes, scarf or shirt with an image of the finished closet layout so there’s a gift to open.

closet designA DIY storage system can be configured to suit your gift recipient to a T.
Featured: SuiteSymphony in Natural Gray

Giving the gift of good organization doesn’t have to be boring or too practical! Add a fun present or two and help everyone on your list have fun with their pastimes all year long.

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