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One Closet – Three Budgets: Good, Better, Best

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Creating your perfect closet depends on a few key variables, such as your closet size, storage needs and, most importantly, your budget. No matter your style or budget, ClosetMaid’s SpaceCreations systems are completely customizable and can be designed to fit all your project requirements.


Good - $

standalone closet

Limited closet funds? You can still build this SpaceCreations configuration to hold your wardrobe.


This affordable closet design features all three SpaceCreations tower sizes: 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch. Complete with options for long and double hang space, adjustable shelving, and wire basket drawers with full extension glides, this system is perfect for inside or outside of the closet.

wood closet system

Contain and display your clothes and accessories. 

Some of additional features here include decorative tower trims and our stain- and scratch-resistant Classic White finish!


Better - $$

DIY closet system

Add more drawers and shoe shelving to upgrade your closet.

Design upgrades for this system include soft-closing 6-inch and 12-inch drawers, and shoe shelving with nickel-plated fences to keep all your shoes contained and in their place.



Hang dresses and blouses, store sweaters and bags, keep shoes organized and stow unmentionables in this SpaceCreations closet. 

The greatest part of including drawers in your system? SpaceCreations has three stylish nickel drawer handle options to fit your personal style.

closet hardwarecloset hardwareSPC_Rustic Handle.jpg

SpaceCreations has CasualTraditional, and Rustic drawer handles.


Best - $$$


Combine a variety of SpaceCreations accessories to give yourself a high-end and functional closet.

This configuration has all the SpaceCreations accessories you could need! Shoe shelving in the 30-inch tower optimizes shoe storage, and four additional drawers create more space for hidden storage.


best closet

You can design a boutique-style storage system even in a standalone configuration like this.

Inside the drawers, additional accessories can include SpaceCreations Jewelry Tray inserts, and acrylic Drawer Dividers for keeping items separated for easy access and sorting. Acrylic Shelf Dividers are also a great addition to make traditional shelving even more efficient.


jewelry tray  shelf divider

Adding SpaceCreations Jewelry Tray Inserts and Shelf Dividers helps maximize your storage.

And if you really want the most design upgrades, consider our other available finishes- Dark Java or Cool Gray.

closet design ideas

 A wood-look finish like Dark Java gives the feel of a luxe piece of furniture.

You can further customize your drawer storage with three different drawer fronts.

closet drawer systemDark Java_Traditional.jpgDark Java_Shaker.jpg


Choose from Premier CasualTraditional and Shaker drawer fronts.

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