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Moving Two Kids into Different Colleges in Three Days with Barbara Reich

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Written by guest blogger and professional organizing consultant, Barbara Reich.


Last month, my blog entry on college move-in tips was based on advice from friends, anecdotal experience and my own expectations about the process.

Now, after doing two college move-ins in two states for two children in three days, I’m ready to pass along my experience and expertise to you.


Before Move-In

  • Select and order bedding.
  • Dorm room mattresses may need added comfort, so invest in a mattress topper.
  • To help with planning, have your child look online to see if a dorm room floor plan is available.
  • Research organizational ideas and storage products. ClosetMaid offers an array of products, such as hanging shoe racks, cubes, bookshelves, and double hang rods to maximize closet space.


ClosetMaid Fabric Drawer_Amethyst 

Fabric drawers and bins come in a variety of colors and styles to complement “his” or “her” taste preferences.


ClosetMaid Double Hang Rod

Double hang rods maximize hanging space and easily attach to an existing rod.


  • Ship what you can, especially if your child’s school is a plane ride away.
  • Pack clothes in travel plastic bags, so that clothing stays folded and unwrinkled.




Day of Move-In

  • Bring supplies including a tool kit, a tape measure, a label maker, stick-on-hooks, and tape.
  • Arrive early to beat the rush and keep water and snacks on hand.
  • Upon entering the room, determine how the room will be laid out and move the furniture as necessary.
  • Decide how high you want the bed (some can be raised and lowered without risers).
  • Put together bookcases, cubbies or other furniture items.
  • Unpack clothes first, then desk materials and other supplies.
  • Use the bed as a staging area. Make the bed last, so it stays clean.
  • Expect 80% of the move to be done within two to three hours. It’s the last 20% that may take more time.


ClosetMaid 6-Shelf Hutch Bookcase_Black Walnut

ClosetMaid’s 6-Shelf Hutch Bookcase was easy for my husband to assemble as we were unpacking clothing.


Day After the Move-In

  • Check to see if electronics and tech equipment is working and has the correct chargers.
  • Stock the room with snacks.
  • Prepare to say goodbye, leave and don’t look back!


After a busy three days, I am happy to report everything went very smoothly! See some of our move-in day pictures below:



Barbara Reich_College Move-In Day2

A group effort setting up my daughter’s room in St. Louis.


Barbara Reich_College Move-In Day 1

All set and getting ready to say goodbye to my son in Atlanta.


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