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How to Style and Organize Your Bookcases

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Did you know there is an art to organizing your bookshelves? Finding the perfect balance between books and decorations is one of the latest trends in home décor. Since there are an infinite number of ways to style your bookcases, we’ve put together some basic principles so you can add personality and fun to your space!


Use book heights to your advantage.

Pair books of similar heights together for a streamlined look, or assemble them in descending or dipping patterns to create an engaging design that draws the eye.



Image source: PureWow


Or, try going vertical by stacking books on their sides to give your shelves more dimension.



Image source: HGTV


Have fun with color.

Color coordinate your bookcases to showcase every cover and breathe some life into your space. It may even help you locate a particular title with ease!


Cubeicals_Bookcases Blog.jpg

ClosetMaid Cubeicals


Once you’ve decided how to arrange your books, it’s time to accessorize.

According to One Kings Lane, you should start with something tall or bold to serve as the focal point on your shelf.

Then, add some personality with fun trinkets placed as non-traditional book-ends, or display family heirlooms that tell your unique story.  



ClosetMaid Bookcases


When styling with accessories, remember not to get too carried away. Try to keep them down to at least two per shelf, possibly even one if you have a lot of books or want to keep a more minimalist look.


ClosetMaid_Ladder Bookshelf_Gray.jpg

ClosetMaid Ladder Shelf


Whether you store books in the living room or office, a gorgeous and organized shelving system is a must-have for every home!

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