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How to Store and Transition Your Winter Wardrobe into Spring

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The birds are chirping and the sun is higher in the sky, indicating warmer weather is on its way! However, saying goodbye to winter is easier said than done – rising temperatures mean it’s time to switch out your winter wardrobe in favor of lighter and brighter clothes. Read our full guide below on how to properly transition your closet for the new season. 

First, determine what needs to be washed or dry cleaned. Even if you didn’t wear certain sweaters, you should wash them to keep the fabrics fresh and clean for next year.




Before you begin washing your winter clothes, remember to treat a wool coat differently than a down-feathered jacket. Pay special attention to clothing labels, and follow this great guide from StyleCaster for washing different winter items.


Once your clothing is properly washed, it’s time to transition your wardrobe. The first thing you need to do is figure out where you will store it all. Keep smaller winter clothes fresh, dust-free, and accessible under the bed in sealed Storage Bags.


Storage Bag.jpg

ClosetMaid Storage Bag


Don’t have a lot of spare storage in your bedroom closet? Remember, only hang up coats, dresses, skirts, etc., while items made of cashmere and wool should be folded to retain their shapes.

Think prime real estate when it comes to your closet’s hang space. Position warm weather clothes in front and more bulkier items in the back of your closet, or in a less frequently used one.



ClosetMaid 15-Cube Organizer

Store jackets towards the back of your closet like @called_to_order!


After you have your winter clothing properly stored away, focus on your winter footwear and other accessories. Wipe down your snow shoes, and stuff tissue paper inside of boots to help retain their shape throughout the warmer months.




Don’t forget that most scarves should NOT go in a washing machine. According to, even if a label says a scarf is washing machine safe, you can never go wrong hand-washing these items. Check out their full how-to guide for scarf-washing here




Welcoming spring into our homes and wardrobes is easy with the right tools! Maximize your storage space this year by visiting, and check out all of our other channels for more lifestyle and organization tips: FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.  

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