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How to Plan the Best Mother’s Day

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This year, thank mom for all she does by planning her a perfect Mother’s Day. It may be quality time with the ones she loves, quiet time to herself, or maybe it’s a day free of chores! We’ve asked some of our favorite moms what their perfect day looks like and here are the results to help you start planning:

1.) No chores for the day!

About 70% of moms agreed a day free from their daily chore routine is the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day. Treat mom like the queen she is by taking on her chore list or have the kids create chore coupons to be redeemable throughout the year. 


Better Homes & Gardens_Mothers Day Coupons

Image source: Better Homes & Gardens


2.) Some alone time

Next, most moms just want a reprieve from the chaos of everyday life. Book her a spa day or turn your bathroom into a cozy and relaxing retreat with fun bath bombs, candles and soothing music.

Or plan her a pool day to lounge with her favorite book, prepare the living room for her to catch up on all her favorite TV shows, schedule a brunch with her best friends, and more!


CM ShelfTrack Nickel_Bath

ClosetMaid ShelfTrack


3.) Quality time with the family

Although some moms agree that quiet time to themselves would be nice, many also want to spend their day with the ones they love most. If your mom likes to spend time outdoors, take advantage of the beautiful weather and prepare a picnic, or get the whole family together and make her favorite meal for dinner.




4.) Breakfast in bed

Sometimes simple is best – moms love a surprise breakfast in bed. This year, try something different and delight her with a new recipe, like a lemon-poppy yogurt trifle or crust-less quiche.

Make sure to get the kids involved! Check out’s article “Mother’s Day Breakfasts Kids Can Actually Make” for some fun, kid-friendly recipe ideas.


Parents.com_Lemon-Poppy Yogurt Trifle

Image source: Parents Magazine


No matter what activity you plan for Mother’s Day, just remember to make it special and something mom is sure to love!




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