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How to Part with Sentimental Items

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Parting with sentimental items can be challenging, especially if it reminds you of some of your best memories. However, this doesn’t have to mean you’re losing that memory; after all, it’s the memory we want, not the item itself. We’re here with a few tips to help you part with these meaningful items, while still holding on to the memory they represent.


1.) Identify which items have meaning and which ones are clutter

Sort your items into two piles: items that bring you happiness and those that are just old or never got thrown away. By eliminating things you no longer need or feel attached to, you’ll easily make room for more important belongings.


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2.) Give your items a victory lap

Author of Soulful Simplicity, Courtney Carver, suggests a “victory lap” with your sentimental item before letting go. For instance, before getting rid of a sentimental dress, host a “sending off party” to give it a last hurrah. Giving your items one last shining moment before you let go can soften feelings of guilt.

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3.) Take pictures 

Take pictures of the items you plan to part with and caption them in a scrapbook or a digital album. This way, you’ll be able to hold on to all of your memories without the clutter.


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4.) Donate or pass the item on

Is your sentimental item something that could bring joy to someone else? Pass the item along or donate it. You’ll feel better knowing the item isn’t forgotten and is creating new memories.


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5.) Designate a responsibly sized keepsake box

To help narrow down the items you should keep, designate a keepsake box. With limited storage space, you’ll be forced to choose only the items that mean the most to you and discard the rest.

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It’s okay if you’re not able to part with all of your sentimental items in one day. De-clutter at your own pace and eventually you will have space for new memories.


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