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How to Organize Your Home for Summer

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Now that the kids are out of school for the summer and the weather is changing, your family and your home need to adapt to accommodate new routines and different wardrobes. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive to make the transition, and your life will be easier for your efforts. Follow our room-by-room tips to improve your house’s organization.


The entryway is usually the room where you greet your guests. Unfortunately, it’s also where your family often drops all their coats, shoes, umbrellas, bags – whatever they’re wearing or carrying when they get home. This means that this space quickly becomes a mess. With summer approaching, take advantage of the opportunity to make improvements to help everyone be more organized as they come in and go out.

Prepare to store any winter outerwear. Everything that’s still in good condition and will fit the kids next winter should be laundered or dry cleaned. Before washing, check coat pockets for any items that should be thrown out or put in a safe place. Boots should also be cleaned or polished, as well.

Put away your winter gear in bins, the attic or wherever your designated storage space is.

Set up or upgrade your entryway storage area. If your space and budget are limited, consider installing a few hooks for umbrellas and raincoats and a Storage Bench for shoes.

CM 3-Cube Storage Bench_White2

A storage bench holds the family’s shoes and is a convenient spot for putting them on and taking them off. 


Even if you don’t have a closet near the front door, you can create hanging space for swimsuit coverups now and jackets come fall. Premium Wood Shelving is pretty enough not to be hidden behind closed doors.


Premium Wood Shelving makes it easy to create a storage area in your entryway.

Bedroom Closets

If your closet is large enough to hold clothing for all seasons, you might want to rearrange your clothes so that the summer pieces are more accessible. If you store your out-of-season items elsewhere, retrieve your summer things and ready your winter wardrobe for hibernation.

It’s also a good time to assess what you have in your wardrobe and sell or donate items you no longer wear. The same goes for your kids’ clothes, except you’ll also want to determine what doesn’t fit anymore.

Take advantage of the transition to consider organizing your items in a new way – by color, by outfits or by purpose (work, weekend, nights out, etc.) – to help you get dressed more efficiently. For another way to become more organized, install a new closet system.


Improve your closet’s layout and storage options with a DIY closet system like Selectives.



Hang winter clothes in a portable closet in the garage, attic or basement. 



For many families, the kitchen is more than the room where meals are prepared. It multitasks as everything from a dining room to a makeshift office. At the end of the school year, you might have a pile or a drawerful of kids’ art, homework assignments, notes from teachers and other papers. Set aside an hour or two to sort through everything and create separate stacks for keepers (like artwork, poems, report cards), tossers (quizzes and tests, for example) and shredders (anything with personal or sensitive information you don’t need anymore).

To prevent the same thing from happening when the next semester begins, establish a simple filing system on a corner of the kitchen counter or in an unused cabinet.


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Now that summer vacation has arrived, the kids may be spending more time in their play area. Make it more functional and less cluttered to allow more room for them to express their creativity and energy. Enlist your older kids to help you go through their toys so you can decide which ones to donate and which they still use. Once you are left with the ones you’re keeping, you’ll know how much and what kind of storage you’ll need.

CM 9-Cube Organizer

A cube organizer is an inexpensive and simple toy storage solution.  

ClosetMaid B135279

Children who love to play dress up will have easy access to their favorite costumes in the Storage Locker.

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