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How to Organize Your Garage for Fall and Winter

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With the coming of fall and winter, your garage may have to store different items – including sports gear, holiday decorations and automotive needs – than it did in the summer. Whether you’ve made new purchases, pulled things down from the attic or retrieved belongings from your rented storage unit, you’ll have to make room for them in your garage now. 

The good news is you can stay organized and clear enough space to accommodate your cars by installing storage systems and tools.


Maybe the easiest organizing solution to add to your garage, hooks enable you to take advantage of unused wall space to hang yard tools like rakes and snow shovels, as well as extension cords to help you light up those holiday decorations.

You can also use hooks in the ceiling to store ladders and sports equipment such as skis and snowboards.

hooks for gardening tools

Multiple implements can fit on the Long Handle Hang-Up, saving valuable floor space.


Stack heavy-duty shelving up to the ceiling, if necessary, to stash your seasonal items. Roll up sleeping bags to keep them off the dirty garage floor. Store lanterns, coolers and other camping gear on a dedicated shelf. Place smaller holiday decorations in bins or boxes to contain and protect them.

garage shelvingChoose Heavy Duty Wire Shelving to hold all your gear for camping and sports activities or your toolboxes and gardening supplies you won’t need until spring.


Cabinets are ideal for smaller items that might not sit evenly on wire shelving. Think bottles of automotive fluids and bags of salt. If you have small children, look for cabinets that have doors that lock so you can secure any poisonous or dangerous items – like caustic cleaners and sharp objects – away from little hands.

garage organization

ProGarage cabinets have a variety of available options – from drawers to locked doors – so you can configure a solution to suit your storage needs.

By using a combination of hooks, shelves and cabinets, you can arrange your garage so that it’s orderly and everything your family needs is accessible. Plus, you’ll have room to shelter your vehicles from the elements this winter.  

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