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How to Organize Your Closet with Accessories

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If you have a lot of fashion accessories, your closet probably could use a few accessories of its own to help you organize all those handbags, shoes and belts – not to mention all your jewelry.

ClosetMaid has solutions to keep everything untangled and accessible so you can concentrate on adding the perfect complements to your outfits.

Divide and Conquer

Shoving scarves in a drawer or tossing shoes on the floor can only lead to a chaotic mess and more stress when you’re trying to get dressed in the morning. Plus, it can cause harm to your belongings, like scuffs, pulls or wrinkles.

Take care of your favorite accessories by giving them their own spaces in your closet. Separate your smaller items by color or other traits with the assistance of drawer dividers and shelf dividers. These inexpensive products make a significant impact.  

Mimic a high-end department store or boutique by installing shoe shelves in your new or existing closet system. You can arrange your pairs by color, style or season – whatever works best for you. Several ClosetMaid systems, including SpaceCreations, Style+ and SuiteSymphony, have shoe shelves available as accessories.

Wire baskets let your things breathe and take advantage of vertical space that’s often underused in a closet.

Closet storage basketsSpaceCreations wire baskets can contain your clutches, scarves and other favorite accessories while giving you a clear view of what’s inside.

Add the Finishing Touches  

Your smaller accessories can easily get lost or broken if they don’t have a place to live when you’re not wearing them. 

Insert a jewelry tray into a drawer to keep your necklaces tangle-free, your earrings paired up, your bangles neatly arranged and your glasses where you can always find them. Both SpaceCreations and SuiteSymphony have jewelry trays among their available options. 

Hang your ties and belts on specially designed racks that slide out for easy access. SuiteSymphony and Style+ tie and belt racks can be used with their respective collections or with any wood-based closet organizer system.

Jewelry traySuiteSymphony’s jewelry tray can be used to organize your watches and sunglasses as well as necklaces and bracelets.

Accessorizing your closet to accommodate your fashion accessories is easy, affordable and can make your closet more efficient.

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