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How to Master Back-to-School Mornings

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Summer vacation is over and it’s time to leave lazy mornings behind and jump back into a more structured routine. We know that back-to-school season can be stressful and chaotic, which is why we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to help start your mornings off right and be more organized.


1.) Create a Command Station

Designate a centralized location in your kitchen or mudroom for organizing homework, signature forms, backpacks and more. Complete your space with household hang up hooks and wire bins for extra storage.

This is also a great place to post a calendar to remind yourself of events, fieldtrips and important due dates throughout the month.


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Image Source: IHeart Organizing


2.) Pre-Portion Snacks in Zones

Instead of fixing snacks early in the morning, save time by preparing snacks in containers and baggies at least a week in advance. 

Then, organize your perfectly packaged school snacks in zones, like sweets and treats versus healthy fruits and granola, for easy meal planning.



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3.) Conquer Plastic Storage

Nothing is worse than running short on time and realizing you can’t find matching lids and plastic storage containers - which happens much more than we would like.

Save yourself the headache and organize all your plastic storage before school starts. This also gives you time to buy more if some of your tops or bottoms have run away.


Premium Kitchen Cabinet Organizers_ClosetMaid

Keep your kitchen cabinets clutter-free with Premium Cabinet organizers.


4.) Plan Outfits the Night Before

Encourage your kids to lay out their outfits the night before. Not only will this stimulate decision-making, but it will also help you avoid wardrobe malfunctions and morning meltdowns. 

For a little extra help, organize your kids’ closets by outfits or by matching colors to help guide them and hasten the process.


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ClosetMaid ShelfTrack


Quick Tip – Make sure to check the weekly forecast to coordinate outfits with the weather.


5.) Routine Charts

Teaching your kids independence and how to get ready all by themselves will make your mornings easier over time. 

A great way to encourage this is by using routine charts that guide them through their morning tasks. Check out this blog for some fun morning routine charts: What Moms Love.


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Image Source: Art Bar


 6.) Play Music and Have FUN!

Nothing transforms a cranky morning like some fun, playful music. If your morning has started to turn sour, crank some tunes and dance around the kitchen with your kids - everyone’s day will be off to a better start.




Listen to our Back-to-School playlist to brighten the mood:

Back-to-School Spotify Playlist


By adding a little more organization to your family’s morning routine, you’ll be able to save time for those special family moments.

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