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How to Install a Closet System

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Ready for a new closet system? Don’t go it alone. Follow our guide to installing wood closets, from planning to building.


The first step of any home improvement project is planning. When it comes to a DIY closet installation, this means deciding what components will best suit your storage needs. Think about how you use your closet now and what improvements you can make, such as increasing hang space or adding shelving to hold folded clothing and handbags. 

You’ll also want to take note of technical aspects. For instance, your reach-in closet should be at least 30 inches deep. Most towers are between 82 and 83 inches high. Even if your closet ceiling is tall enough to accommodate this height, be aware that if you put doors onto the tower, they might not be able to open all the way if the closet’s front wall is lower than the tower. The key takeaway: Always take full measurements of every wall and mark them down before selecting your components and their placement in the closet.


Clear out your closet and remove the existing system, if necessary.

Before you get ready for the installation, collect all the tools you’ll need:

  • 25-ft. measuring tape
  • Drill with 0.25-in and 0.5 -in. drill bits
  • Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers
  • Fine-tooth saw
  • Level
  • Step ladder
  • Pencil

tools for installing a closetGather all the tools and confirm that you have all the parts.


For almost any configuration you’re planning for your closet, you’ll want to build the towers first. 

Closets that have the tower in the center like the one below should have no more than 48 inches between the tower and the wall because the maximum length of the rods is 4 feet. You’ll need to decide which side will have the double hang rod and which will have the single hang rod prior to installation. Also note that the shortest length of the expandable rods is 30 inches, but they can be cut down.

DIY closet system When building your reach-in closet, assemble and place the tower first and then install the hang rods.
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Top shelves should be added at the same time as the hang rods.

Put in any doors and drawers into the tower units after you have completed the rest of the closet installation.

If your closet design is a walk-in with corner units, assemble and install the corner units before the towers. When planning and executing the layout, keep in mind that the maximum lengths of the rods and the shelves are 48 inches. You might need to trim the shelves to size, so measure twice and cut once. 

Always anchor the corner units and the towers to the wall to secure them safely.

For specific instructions on installing a Style+ closet system, available exclusively at The Home Depot, view our videos on YouTube. Watch the video on installing a floor tower:

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