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How to Get Your House Guest-Ready in Less Than an Hour

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If you have unexpected visitors, or if you just don’t have the time to prepare until the last minute, we’ve got you covered! Read our quick tips to get your house ready for guests in an hour or less:

      1. Throw linens in the wash right away. You can always slip away to remake a bed once your guests have arrived.
      2. Make the bathroom sparkle! Wipe down the counters and clear the clutter off the vanity.  

        bathroom organizerRemove toiletries from the bathroom counter and place them on shelves in preparation for overnight guests.

      3. Vacuum the traffic areas. Passing a vacuum quickly in the most frequently used rooms will freshen the appearance of any space. 

      4. Take out the trash. This will eliminate unsavory smells and make a bathroom look more organized and clean. 
        Hide your trash can to give your kitchen a more guest-friendly appearance.
        Featured: Pull Out Trash Bin
      5. Light a candle. A candle can replace any residual odors and create a welcoming aroma for your guests.
      6. Plump pillows. It’s amazing what a good pillow plumping can do to your sofa! Rearrange the pillows and make sure remote controls and stray magazines are in their proper places.
      7. Clear the clutter from every surface, especially dirty dishes in the sink! Make sure your entryway is neat and tidy; this is the first room your guests will see, and an organized entryway can set the stage for the rest of your home.
        entryway organizationStraighten up the entryway quickly with the help of a 3 Cube Bench.
      8. Don’t forget snacks. Even if you don’t have the time to create homemade treats, arranging prepackaged snacks into pretty bowls and plates can make all the difference in presentation.
      9. Set the mood. Turn on some music, or just hit play on a pre-made Spotify playlist to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests’ arrival.
      10. Don’t fret the small stuff. You live in your home; messes can happen and things might be out of place, but don’t worry. Your guests won’t know any different!


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