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How to Get (and Keep!) the Kids Organized

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As much as it’s a challenge for us as adults and parents to put everything where it belongs on a daily basis, it can be even harder for the younger members of our households.

How can we get the kids’ bedrooms and playrooms put in order – and have them stay that way? We’ve assembled a few organization ideas to help you and your family work toward achieving a tidier way of life.

Make it fun.

Let’s face it. Pretty much no one likes to do chores, but they can be less of a burden if you find ways to make them more fun. 

Do the same for your kids when it’s time to gather up their toys or put away their clothes. Are they music lovers? Turn on their favorite tunes to accompany cleanup time. If you’re a playful or competitive family, make straightening up into a game. See who can clean their room fastest and give the winner bragging rights or a small prize.

For older kids, especially, a reward system may be the way to go. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve money. After completing the list of chores, your teen could get to choose the restaurant the next time you order out. Think about what would most motivate your kids.   

Kids Room OrganizerStorage that’s close to the floor gives kids the chance to help put away their toys.

Make it easy.

Getting and staying organized requires some discipline and the right tools. Make it easier on the kids by giving them designated places for their things to go.

Fabric drawers are inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and fun patterns and hide all kinds of items – from small toys to books. 

Our KidSpace collection of storage furniture is the perfect size for kids. Put a toy chest in their playroom for quick cleanup. A mini bench with storage offers your child a spot to read and to stash his books underneath. 

Are the kids’ shoes always getting misplaced or pairs separated? Add shoe storage cubbies by the front or back door so the kids can take off and put away their shoes as soon as they come home. Shoe shelving in their closet will keep the pairs they’re not wearing organized, too. 

Consider what your needs are and how your kids will actually use the storage pieces before making a purchase. You might also want to go through your kids’ stuff to purge whatever they don’t use anymore. 

Kids Bedroom IdeaYour teen can choose the fabric bins’ color scheme – in support of his favorite team or school – and use them to stash his school supplies and other necessities.

Make it custom.

If your kids’ needs are specific or you just want a more tailored solution, closet or storage built-ins might be your best option.  

Tackle your kid’s closet yourself as a weekend project. Many of ClosetMaid’s DIY closet systems, like SpaceCreations and Style+, include drawers, shelving and other accessories for maximum storage and organization.  

For a truly custom solution, go for a professionally installed MasterSuite system in the playroom. You can add everything from hanging rods for dress-up clothes to cubbies for board games.

Kids SpaceCreate a play nook with built-in storage to help contain the clutter.

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