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How to Downsize and Re-Invent Your Home

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Whether you just became an empty nester or you’re ready to retire to a smaller home, reducing your clutter can drastically simplify and enhance your daily life! However, rethinking how you use your belongings and new space can feel like a stressful task. We’ve put together some ideas on how to make the process easier.


Work room-by-room. Getting your whole home organized is a marathon, not a sprint. Go through each room in the house at your own pace, and ask yourself important questions, such as when did you last use an item, what purpose does it serve in your daily life, does it have sentimental value, etc.?




Be honest with and easy on yourself. Some of our belongings can hold an emotional connection to a previous time in our lives. According to The Spruce, it’s important to “remind yourself that you are not trying to get rid of everything you hold dear, but rather looking to simplify your life.” 


Change old habits. Habits can be hard to break, but now that your daily routine has changed, find ways to be more organized in your day-to-day life. Start simple by adding storage at the front door to catch miscellaneous items, or treat yourself and invest in a new closet organizer.


Closet Maximizer_White.jpg

ClosetMaid Closet Maximizer


Know what to throw away versus what to keep. Once you have the momentum, it can be easy to purge in every room. However, there are some items such as important paperwork, photographs, and meaningful family heirlooms that are worth keeping.




Check out Country Living’s “11 Things You Should Never Throw Out When Downsizing.”


Remember this new time in your life is about you. Although this transition period is often emotional and bittersweet, embrace the opportunity to focus on yourself. Get started on that home improvement project you’ve been wanting to do, or explore a new hobby! 


4 Shelf Bookcase_White.jpg

Mix and match our assortment of bookcases to create a home library.


By decluttering and downsizing, your new space can be the comfortable and calming home you’ve always dreamed about!

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