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How to Customize Your Wire Closet

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Do you have a wire closet system that you still love but you need it to do more? Make it work better for you without a lot of extra effort or expense. ClosetMaid has a variety of add-ons for your wire closet system that will accommodate your shoes, belts, bags – almost any accessory you may have!

Drawers and baskets

drawer kit in closet

A 4 Drawer Kit holds anything from your kid’s favorite stuffed animals to a few cardigans.

If you can’t fit a dresser in your bedroom, install drawers in your wire closet! Our 4 drawer kit attaches directly to ShelfTrack standards, so there’s minimal assembly required. It comes in white and nickel finishes to match with your existing system. 

Another option – Try a basket or two. ClosetMaid has several options that can serve your storage needs, whether you have clutches to stow or sweaters to stash.

wire basket in closetA basket like this one is compatible with ShelfTrack hardware and can contain smaller purses and other fashion accessories.

Don’t have a ShelfTrack system or need extra space for folded items? A hanging basket that hooks onto any wire shelf will expand your closet’s flat surface area in a snap.

hanging basket in closetLoop a hanging basket onto a wire shelf to take advantage of every inch of room in your closet.

Shoe storage

Bulky and awkward, shoes can be the most challenging items to organize. Have no fear! ClosetMaid has solutions for your wire closet system.

Convert any 12-inch ClosetMaid wire shelf into a shoe rack with shoe brackets that are compatible with ShelfTrack standards. Shelf liners will keep heels from falling through or tipping over.

closet shoe storageInexpensive hardware and shelf liners turn your shelves into shoe racks. 

Other shoe storage ideas include ShelfTrack racks in three finishes – White, Satin Chrome and Nickel – and racks that sit on the floor or hang on a door.


You might be wondering why shelves could be considered an accessory in a wire closet but these aren’t ones you have to pull out the toolbox to install. Stacking shelves perch on top of your existing shelves – and they can easily move from shelf to shelf, to a different closet or even to a new home when you move.

stacking shelf

Don’t let any vertical space go to waste in your closet. Stacking shelves double your capacity – with no tools needed!

Alternatively, hanging shelves, by definition, suspend below your closet’s wire shelves. Like the stacking ones, they don’t require any drilling or measuring to put into place.


Make your belts, neckties, scarves and even sunglasses easier to find in your closet with a tie and belt rack.

tie and belt rack

A sliding tie and belt rack tucks your hanging fashion accessories out of the way until you need them. 

ClosetMaid’s versatile tie and belt rack clips onto a wire shelf or can be screwed into a wall. 

Incorporate some or all of these accessories into your wire closet to maximize your space for minimal cost.

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