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Home Tips and Organization Ideas for Couples

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With about 69% of couples admitting they argue regularly about tidiness, it’s obvious cohabitating can be challenging for even the strongest relationships. Moving into a new home together for the first time can feel like merging two separate lives, however, there are many ways to make sharing a space with your significant other easy for both of you.

Talk it out. Communication is important in any relationship and spending the time to assess what items you and your partner have can only help in the long run. Taking inventory on what you both own will prevent duplication (especially when creating a wedding registry) and free up storage space for things you actually need.




Create separate spaces. As much as living together is about sharing your new home, it’s also important to set boundaries. Give each other designated spaces in your shared bathroom and make your master closet more efficient by creating zones for each person.


ShelfTrack_Master Closet_Hers Side.png  ShelfTrack_Master Closet_His Side.png

ClosetMaid ShelfTrack


Looking for more master closet ideas? Read Drew Scott’s tips for sharing closet space here.


Define your organization methods. Don’t set unrealistic organization goals for your partner without discussing your expectations. Together, design a routine that you can both keep up on a day-to-day basis to make sure everyone is pulling their weight.


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Respect each other’s design styles. Chances are you both won’t agree on every single detail of your home décor, so be patient with your partner and listen to his or her ideas too. Remember, this is both of your space and it should naturally reflect both of your personalities.




Establishing a life together is never a simple task, but with the right systems in place, you can make it a whole lot easier. From all of us at ClosetMaid, we hope you have a happy and organized Valentine’s Day!

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