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Hide It or Display It: Open Shelving Best Practices

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Open shelving is one of the year’s top design trends because it adds character to a room, while also creating more space to organize overflow items. However, since open shelving is on display for all to see, it’s important to decide which items are best to showcase, and which ones should be kept hidden.

In this guide, we will take you room-by-room with tips to make your open shelving a wonderful work of organized art!



The kitchen is easily one of the most cluttered rooms in a home, which is why open shelving is the perfect solution to increase storage space for pots, pans, dishes and more.



  • Fine China
  • Decorative dishes
  • Wine glasses
  • Fruit and vegetables using ornamental bowls
  • Fine liquor and wine
  • Spices, oils and baking needs in glass jars


  • Large grocery items in baskets
  • Snacks and small miscellaneous items in decorative boxes
  • Utensils and silverware in cylinders and vases
  • Bowls of varying heights (stack together instead)


SpaceCreations Classic_Pantry

SpaceCreations Classic


Living Room

The living room is one of most visited rooms within the home, making it a main exhibit to guests. Choose to display items that define your family’s life, memories and style.



  • Ornate vases
  • Decorations that vary in size to create a setting
  • Memorable items you cherish
  • Family photographs
  • Greenery
  • Candles
  • Books neatly organized


  • Chords, remotes and smartphone chargers in fancy storage boxes
  • Cable boxes and accessories behind cabinets
  • Video games and board games inside woven baskets and decorative bins


Premium Wood Shelving_Living Room

Premium Wood Shelving


Bedroom Closet

Whether your closet is out in the open or behind closed doors, style it in a way that looks organized and aesthetically pleasing.



  • Color coordinated clothing
  • Shoes organized on shoe racks/shelves
  • Purses facing forward instead of sideways
  • Costume jewelry on a decorative jewelry holder
  • Perfumes and lipsticks on small dishes or plates 
  • Hats on holders or by using hooks above shelves


  • Intimate items inside drawers
  • Special occasion accessories in jewelry boxes
  • Belts on a hanging hook on an inside wall
  • Socks in a drawer or wire basket
  • Dirty laundry in a hamper
  • Seasonal or less frequently used items on upper shelving


SuiteSymphony Espresso_Master Closet



Home Office

Books, papers, folders and binders can easily become office clutter, but by choosing the right pieces and tactics this mess can make a beautiful display.



  • Pens and pencils in glass jars
  • Motivational photographs
  • A collection of books organized with bookends
  • An ornate clock
  • A stylish lamp for extra lighting


  • Paperwork using decorative binders
  • Folders in file holders
  • Craft materials in bins
  • Paperclips, staples and other small items in dishes with lids
  • Miscellaneous items in Fabric Drawers 
  • Notebooks in drawers for easy access


Storage Furniture_Ladder Bookshelf

Storage Furniture


Open shelving is the perfect solution to overcrowded spaces or bare rooms that need a touch of style. By mixing in beautiful items and tastefully hiding the ones that are best left unseen, you’ll be able to make the most out of your space, while giving it a chic and eclectic feel.

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