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Get Your Playroom Ready for the Holidays Part 2: Four Organization Tips

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Organization tips, Playroom, Kids Storage, Organize by Room

Last week’s blog post included three tips on how to clean out your playroom before the holiday season. This week, it’s time to organize! These next few steps will help you organize your playroom and (hopefully) keep it that way.


1.) Create Play Stations

Instead of organizing the entire playroom, create play stations within the room. Create an inspiration space for arts and crafts, a construction zone for Legos, a zoo for animals and a nook for reading. These spaces will prevent toys from falling far from their designated place and becoming mixed in with other toys.


KidSpace_Chalkboard Easel.png

KidSpace Art Easel 


2.) Make a Place for Everything 

To keep these stations organized, use Chalkboard Fabric Drawers to classify toys by subject. Fabric Drawers are also great because the soft fabric prevents any injuries that could occur with an otherwise sharp edge.


Cubeicals_6 Cube Birch.png

ClosetMaid Cubeicals and Fabric Drawers


3.) Maximize Space with More Storage 

Maximize space and storage by selecting pieces that double as both. This KidSpace Mini Bench is perfect to create a reading spot, and also organize your books.


KidSpace_Mini Bench.png

KidSpace Mini Bench


4.) Plan for the Child on the Move

If you often find that your child likes to move from the playroom, to the living room and then to the kitchen, use a mobile toy chest . This way, their toys will stay organized no matter where they decide to play that day.


KidSpace_Mobile Toy Chest.png

KidSpace Mobile Toy Chest


We hope these tips help you keep your playroom organized, fun and under control in the new year! For more organization and lifestyle tips, visit, and check out all of our other channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Houzz and Flickr

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