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Get Your Playroom Ready for the Holidays Part 1: Three Tips to Clean Out

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If you have kids, chances are you’re familiar with the sight of racecars speeding across the floor, kingdoms of stuffed animals on furniture and crayons covering the table. Maintaining a tidy playroom is difficult and with the holiday presents, this task can become even more challenging. To combat the toy overflow and keep your playroom organized, read our tips below!


1.) Clean House

On average, most children have about 59 toys and 63% parents admit that’s too many. To begin organizing your playroom, select at least five toys you can get rid of. Ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Has my child outgrown this toy?
  • Is this toy dangerous?
  • When was the last time my child played with this toy?
  • Is this toy broken or dirty?

These questions will help guide you through the removal process and allow you to make room for new toys. 




2.) Do the Toy Test

Once you have collected your unwanted toys, it is time to decipher what can be donated and what can be tossed. Look and smell to see if the toy has an unwanted scent, stain, broken pieces or has discoloration. Also look for sharp edges or anything that could be potentially dangerous to a child. If the toy has any of these characteristics, it’s not in condition for donation and should be discarded.


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3.) Participate in the Gift of Giving 

Donating can be a great way to engage in charitable acts with your children and teach them the importance of giving back. The holidays make donating especially easy with so many active programs.  Below we have listed a few local and national donation options:

  • Local nursery
  • Local church - Many churches are tax-exempt, so you may be eligible for a tax deduction.
  • Toys for Tots - You can schedule a pick-up or find a drop-off location here.
  • Toys “R” Us - Only for toys that are boxed and in original condition.
  • Ronald McDonald House - To find a location, click here.
  • Stuffed Animals for Emergencies – This service provides stuffed animals for comfort to children who have been in a crisis.




Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where we will deliver tips on how to organize your playroom! For more organization and lifestyle tips, visit, and check out all of our other channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Houzz and Flickr

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