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Game Time! ClosetMaid’s Back-to-School Lookbook

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Win at organization this school year with our new Back-to-School Lookbook! In this online magazine, we’ve put together all our favorite storage ideas and tips to help you find a fresh and organized look for school.


Back-to-School Lookbook Cover.jpg

Check out the full Back-to-School Lookbook here!


First, create efficiencies! Versatile storage is a must-have for college-bound students. For example, add a Cubeicals organizer or one of our Stackable Storage options in place of bulky furniture like nightstands and dressers.



ClosetMaid Cubeicals


Next, it’s time to conquer those tiny spaces. Dorm rooms and rental apartments can be on the smaller side, so find creative ways to use every square inch of space to meet your specific needs.

If you have a lot of clothes, consider a Closet Maximizer, which clips onto an existing closet rod with no tools or drilling necessary!


Closet Maximizer.jpg

ClosetMaid Closet Maximizer


It’s also important to show off your personality. Incorporate a stylish and slim bookcase into your space to display the books and knick-knacks that make you and your room unique!


4-Shelf Bookcase.jpg

ClosetMaid 4-Shelf Bookcase


If you’re organizing an apartment, select furniture that doubles as storage to create a warm and welcoming environment.  


Storage Furniture_Overall.jpg

ClosetMaid Storage Furniture


Remember your college dorm or apartment is yours to decorate any way you want! Explore our full Back-to-School Lookbook for even more tips and follow our checklist for getting your new space organized.


Read the Back-to-School Lookbook here!


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