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Five Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Camping, Summer, Home Organization, Organize by Season

There's nothing like a long hike, a hearty campfire dinner, and outdoor breezes to guarantee a good night’s sleep at the campsite. But if your gear is unorganized or neglected, you could end up with nasty surprises that turn the whole trip into a nightmare—like holes in your hiking socks, a lighter that doesn’t work, and a sleeping bag that, somewhere along the line, became a warm winter home for mice.

Protect your belongings and make preparing for your next camping excursion easy with these tips:

1.) Take a day to review your gear, replacing missing items and fixing anything that’s broken.


Classy Clutter_Summer Camping Printable.jpg

Image source: Classy Clutter

Create a packing list to stay organized before and during your camping trip.


2.) Check items like batteries in flashlights, matches and/or lighter supplies, propane supplies, kerosene, etc. Also, charge all your electronics the night before!  




3.) Hook up your gear to make sure it’s functional. Is the propane stove working? How about those kerosene lamps? Do not use propane canisters that are rusted, dented or damaged!


4.) Use plastic bins to store your belongings, and break up your packing into logical groups, such as sporting goods (like climbing or hiking gear), cooking utensils, accessories, emergency kit, etc.

Extra tip: Make sure these bins will fit in your vehicle!


Camping-Supplies-Camping-List_Simple Family Preparedness.png

Image source: Simple Family Preparedness

Check out Simple Family Preparedness for a master packing list and tips for the whole family.

5.) After your trip, keep everything all tucked away and within easy reach in the garage or basement with Heavy Duty wire shelving.


Heavy Duty Wire Shelving_Basement.jpg

ClosetMaid Heavy Duty Wire Shelving


Before you set off into the great outdoors, always remember organization is key to having a safe and fun camping trip!

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