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End-of-the-Summer Home To-Do List

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Summer, Home Organization, Organization tips, Organize by Season

With the fall season quickly approaching, it’s time to get the house back in order after a fun-filled summer! Even though your schedule may feel more hectic than usual, there are many ways to get your home fall-ready and accomplish some home improvement projects before the end of August.


1.) Get the garage organized. Create room to organize and store all your family’s summer toys and equipment.


CM Maximum Load_Garage wall.jpg

ClosetMaid Heavy Duty Wire Shelving


2.) Make your home school-ready. The start of the new school year can be far less chaotic if you establish an organization system early. Create a drop-zone for school things in the mudroom, or a command center in the kitchen for family calendars and after-school activity schedules.



ClosetMaid SpaceCreations


3.) Sweep the house for anything that needs extra attention. Fix any torn screened doors or windows, clean the deck, and clear your roof gutters before the leaves start to fall.




4.) Tackle a last-minute DIY project. Add a firewood shed to the backyard, or get the pantry organized to expedite meal planning and lunch preparation.  

Watch Be My Guest with Denise’s SpaceCreations pantry tour and her great tips for lunch packing!


5.) Decorate the house with your summer adventures! Commemorate your family vacation by printing out your photos or creating fun photo books to preserve all the great memories.




6.) Clean out your bedroom closet. Before transitioning to your fall wardrobe, sort through your summer clothes. If you didn’t wear something this year, chances are you probably won’t wear it next summer!


Bedroom Closet_SuiteSymphony.jpg

ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony


By getting your home ready for fall now, you can end the summer season productively and with peace of mind!

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