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Designing Your Closet or Storage System

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Bedroom, SpaceCreations, Closet Makeover

If you’re planning a closet remodel or another storage system project, you don’t have to hire an architect or have an engineering degree. ClosetMaid has online tools to help you design your next project to fit your space, style and needs. 

The easy-to-use design tool is free and works with our wood and wire products that are available to consumers. The SpaceCreations tool works specifically with the SpaceCreations line. Our professional design services option delivers custom designs for a $5 fee.

How do you know which design tool is best for you? It depends on a few factors. Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine the path to take.

1. Do you already have a material or specific product in mind?

Wire shelving and accessories, SuiteSymphony, Modular Closet and SpaceCreations are all options in the easy-to-use design tool and the professional design services option.

If you know you want to install SpaceCreations, you can use the product-specific design tool.

closet design ideasThe SpaceCreations design tool creates renderings like this one.


2. What is the shape of your space?

This is the most important factor in deciding which design tool will work best for you. If you have a square or rectangular area without any windows or other impediments, the easy-to-use tool is your best bet.

closet systemA SuiteSymphony closet like this one can be designed by one of our professional designers.

However, if your storage space is very large, has more than four walls or if the angle of any corner is greater or less than 90 degrees, you will need to use our professional design services. 

Once you’ve answered a few questions, including providing accurate measurements of your space, one of our design professionals will send you two professional design variations, including a product parts list and options for where to buy, for only $5. Fashion blogger Musings of a Curvy Lady took advantage of this service when she created her bedroom-sized closet, which had a large window.

3. Where will your storage system be installed?

You can choose from a variety of locations, including the garage, pantry and laundry room, as well as bedrooms, in both the easy-to-use tool and our professional design services. For help with a linen closet, mudroom or foyer, enlist the aid of our professional design services.

If you want to know more about designing your ClosetMaid project, read our blog post “Your Top Professional Design Questions Answered.” 

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