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Closet Makeover for Hollywood Life Fashion Director

Posted by: Barbara Reich Tags: Expert Tips, Guest Author

Written by guest blogger and professional organizing consultant, Barbara Reich.

I first met Katrina Mitzeliotis, a chic and adorable fashion director with Hollywood Life, over breakfast in midtown, Manhattan. Newly married and highly motivated to get organized, Katrina admitted that her clothes were currently in piles. And, when she said “piles,” she was using the term loosely.




A closet makeover was just what she needed, so I teamed up with ClosetMaid to give Katrina the closet of her dreams with their DIY system, SpaceCreations.


01-24-17 Closet Maid Completed-017.jpg

SpaceCreations Classic White


First, Katrina needed to sort her clothing by category (e.g., workout clothes, pajamas, t-shirts, etc.), and do some hardcore purging. Once she could see her clothes, Katrina was able let go of some clothing that she didn’t wear or didn’t like anymore.




The next step was to hang or fold all of the clothing that had passed the purge test. We used uniform hangers to eliminate visual noise, and folded properly to keep clothing fresh and unwrinkled.




Next came the fun part. We began hanging the clothing in sections, grouping like items together and organizing clothing by color in each category. We hung Katrina’s clothing in the following sections: long sweaters, dresses, nighttime tops, jeans, casual tops and blouses, and formal dresses.





Then, it was time to accessorize the closet with fun accents Katrina had purchased. We placed a poof in the corner, so she would have a place to sit while putting on her shoes. A rug was added for polish and pizazz, and a small table with a photo and a candle were placed front and center. 


20170126_HollywoodLife_Closet_121.jpg   20170126_HollywoodLife_Closet_127-Edit.jpg



We were all giddy with excitement, especially Katrina, who stared in disbelief at her clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories lined up and completely organized. As she said, “it’s a dream come true.”




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