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The Most Efficient Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

Posted by: Fiona Wilson Tags: How TO, Guest Author

As I’m sure everyone is aware, organizing your wardrobe can be a stressful task, and maintaining it can be even harder! The most efficient way to achieve organization is through a wardrobe storage system, and having an effective organization process in place. Doing this can cause stress and even fear, but with these few short steps, you’ll be on your way to a tidy wardrobe in no time!

1. Empty your closet

Take everything out- shoes, clothes, boxes, everything! Now that you have done that, you can choose whether you want to throw anything away or donate items you no longer use. It is much easier to do this once everything is out in front of you.

2. Organize into groups

Now that you have rid yourself of excess items, it’s time to put them into groups. These groups can be anything you like. Here are a few options:

  • Tops, pants, coats, etc.
  • Work, leisure, sleepwear, etc.
  • Color

3. Organize left to right or top to bottom.

Now that you have your piles, it is time to prioritize. Put the most used items on the left, with the least used on the right. As most of us read left to right, it is a natural instinct to look at things from left to right, so organizing your wardrobe like this can make looking for items more efficient.

Another smart way to organize is from top to bottom. Use the bottoms and tops of your closet for less frequently used items that you don’t need to reach for every day. The top and bottom of your closet is a great place to put bulky items, shoes and out-of-season clothes for storage. Put your most used items at eye level, so that they are easier to reach and see.

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to be as terrifying as you may expect. In fact, it can even be fun! Figuring out where you want everything and seeing the end result can make you feel accomplished and can reduce stress. For all of your storage and organization needs, be sure to check out, and all of our channels for inspiration and ideas: FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr.

Author: Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson helps people all over Australia to better organize their homes and lives with her business Wardrobe World. Working closely with Wardrobe World and GarageSmart, she is passionate about finding practical lifestyle solutions for her clients.


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