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Show Some Love to Your Home with Valentine’s Day DIY Décor

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we tend to get stressed out about gifts for our boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, children or friends. However, what about your home? Show some love to your home this holiday and decorate it to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day decorations to make your home the sweetest one on the block.

DIY Valentine’s Day Garland VDAYGarland_TwoCollage What could be cuter than this simple, colorful and happy garland? All you need for this craft is scrapbook paper, adhesive shipboard alphabet letters, clothespins, paper cutter/scissors and twine! See the specific directions on Vicky Barone’s blog. Surprise your family and loved ones by hanging this adorable garland in your family room!

Love Yarn Letters love_yarn_letters Instead of using all of your yarn for knitting, try using it for something else—like these yarn letters! Pick any letters you want to spell out “love”, “heart”, “sweetie,” your partner’s name or whatever you choose! This simple craft only requires letters, your favorite color of yarn and some glue. See how to complete the project on Sisters Suitcase Blog.

Crepe Paper Roses tissuerosette-1 These kind of flowers will never droop! Dazzle your home with these do-it-yourself crepe paper roses in any color you choose. All you need for this decoration is crepe paper, hot glue and an hour of your time.

Heart Tree Valentine's Decorations - DIY heart tree Bring nature and Valentine’s Day together with this fun and easy decoration. All you need is to go outside, grab some branches, buy some sparkly hearts from the dollar store and hot glue the hearts to the branches. You can impress all of your house guests with this cute and affordable tree in your entryway.

Valentine’s Day Wreath Cupids-Arrow-Wreath-via-Nest-of-Posies1 Welcome your family and guests into your home with this beautiful wreath that Nest of Posies made. With some sparkly, feathers and a cupid’s arrow, your home will take on a whimsical feeling. All you need for this project is a wreath, some sequins, a drill and whatever decorations you want on your wreath and voila—your Valentine’s Day Wreath is made!

Remember to show your home some love this Valentine’s Day and decorate it to celebrate the love your and your family have for one another. 

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