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8 Tips to an Organized Craft Room

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Many of us love crafting, but sometimes the supplies that get strewn all over the place can drive us crazy! While we enjoy working on fun projects, creating amazing home-made things, and de-stressing with some crafting, disorganized surroundings can hold us back. Nothing promotes productivity quite like a tidy and functional space to work in. That’s where ClosetMaid steps in. These tips are sure to keep your craft space clutter-free and let you get back to your favorite activities.

  1. Every crafter has different needs and supplies, so remember to compile a list of the items that your projects will require. Depending on your specialty, you’ll have different storage needs as well. If you are a sewer, you’ll need more table space. If you’re a scrapbooker, you’ll need more shelf space for paper. You may also find it helpful to have a running shopping list for supplies that you are low on, similar to a grocery list. This way, you’ll be able to re-stock before you run out!
  2. Create an inspiration board for when you come across an idea you love. If you see a picture, pattern or have a spur of the moment idea, hang it up on the board for future projects.

    craftroom Photo courtesy of I Heart Organizing

  3. As always, when organizing any room, remember to utilize spaces you normally wouldn't think of. This includes backs of doors, wall space and sides of desks. These are all great places to store supplies.
  4. If you are lucky and have an entire craft room, set zones for different activities, such as painting, scrapbooking, sewing or gift wrapping. With zones like these, you can organize your supplies accordingly for optimal functionality.
  5. Designate a basket, or perhaps a fabric drawer, for unfinished projects and keep supplies used on one project in the same basket. Once you have more time, you won’t need to remember where to gather all of your supplies again. Another handy use for a fabric drawer is for scraps. Instead of throwing them away, why not sort scraps neatly for future use.CraftRm-FabDrawer-Det-X2
  6.  Remember to label everything—especially in a kids' crafts room—to make it easier to find supplies and put them away. This will help cut clutter and the mess!

labelsPhoto Courtesy of I Heart Organizing

7. Look into adjustable shelving. This is great for a craft room because it can evolve with your crafting needs. If you need more space for hanging fabrics, binders or wrapping paper, you can create that with adjustable shelving.

8.If you can't devote an entire room to your crafts, hang a curtain or divider from the ceiling to split your space and hide your crafting area. It’s always nice to have a separate spot dedicated to crafting.

Colorful-Curtain-DividerPhoto Courtesy of iCraftopia

Like any room in your home, the craft room is more functional when it is organized and clutter free. By keeping some of these tips in mind, your craft area will be in the best shape it’s ever been and you can create even more great pieces.

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