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Organizing a Shared Master Closet

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Whether you live in an apartment, a small family home, a large family home or even a mansion—the amount of closet space you’re given never seems to be enough! To make matters more difficult, sharing one closet with a partner or spouse can take space restraints to a new level. However, learning how to manage a shared closet will allow you to have a harmonious space. Follow these tips to bring peace to your shared master closet:

  1. De-clutter the closet. This is always important to do. Everyone has items that simply don’t belong in the closet, whether it be garments you no longer wear, sheets and blankets or any non-clothing items. Take everything out of the closet and decide (together) which items can stay and which can go. At the same time, separate clothes into his and her piles, this will make it easier to hang back up later.
  2. Assess the space you have. Think about how many clothes each one of you has, and decide who is going to need more space. In many cases, women are going to need more space, so cutting the closet in half usually won’t work. By having a conversation with your partner, you’ll know everyone’s needs for closet space. This is also a great time to consider and fit your closet for a custom organization system. ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack is perfect for customizing and adjusting to your closet needs because it is made of vertical standards and adjustable shelf hardware, which can also be paired with ShelfTrack EVO accessories for a complete look.

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  3. Find problem areas. Are your closet rods overwhelmed? Is the floor crowded with unorganized shoes? Figure out problems and cluttered areas in your shared master closet and find solutions to fix them. Shoe racks and shelving are easy to install and can fix problem areas to make your closet more organized and neat.
  4. Draw an invisible line. Sharing a closet can be more successful if each person feels as though they have their own designated space in the closet. You don’t want to go hunting for your items in your partner’s section, so make sure your clothes stay on your side of the closet. By keeping a dedicated area to each person, you respect your partner’s space and save time when trying to find something to wear. Shared items like a mirror typically can designate that line.

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  5. Organize together. To satisfy both partners’ wants for the closet, it is best to organize the master closet together. If one person organizes the entire closet by themselves, the other may not like it and waste time re-doing their side. To save time and efficiency, do this step together to create a cohesive and functional space.No matter the size of your shared master closet, you can always make it work for two. While it may be daunting and difficult to plan a shared closet, these tips are sure to help create a space that is functional, organized and beautiful.
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