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6 Tips for Back-to-College

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While summer was a great time to relax with your family and friends, now it’s time to head back to school, and for some of you—college! It’s no secret that dorm rooms in college are not the most spacious or luxurious, and it can be difficult to organize and make the place feel like home. However, having a clean homework space and having a place to relax that feels comfortable is important for success at school. Here’s how to make that small dorm room feel like home without all the clutter!

  1. Evaluate your closet. Before leaving for college, take a second look at what you've packed and ask yourself if you really need those items. Even if you have the most organized space on the hall, if it is too cramped with items and clothes you don’t use or wear anymore, you’ll have clutter—leave them at home!
  2. Avoid empty space. You will probably have a suitcase or a bag for trips home or out of town, and they are great for storing out of season clothes and shoes. Even better, check out ClosetMaid’s Premium Cube Organizers to turn empty space into a decorative and functional place for anything your want!16056_9Cube_WOK_Adj_Prop_Silo-X2
  3. Utilize wall space. Since there is limited space in a dorm room, expand your storage to the walls! Hang ties, belts, scarves and necklaces on a tie & belt rack. Backs of doors and closets are also great places for storage.
  4. Design vertically. Maximize space by storing your items vertically. Stackable organizers are wonderful for any sized closet and are multi-functional. You can store books, shoes, school supplies, towels or decorations in these organizers.
  5. Use color! Most colleges are strict when it comes to painting the walls in your room, but you can fix that with adding pops of color in your design and organization tools! Cubeicals Fabric Drawers come in many different colors and are great for adding accent colors to your room.
  6. Invest in a planner. With exams, reports, sports, clubs and social events, it can be hard to stay on top of everything going on in your life. Write it down in a planner that breaks up by week and day to stay completely organized.

Your college is dorm is yours to decorate any way you want. Express your personal style and remember to stay organized! By staying organized, you’ll be less stressed during finals and you’ll have a nice space to relax in by yourself or with friends.

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