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Garage Sales Made Simple

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The kids are out of school, the windows are open and the barbecue is fired up; summertime has arrived! And while the joy of warm weather and summer trips is splendid, summer does bring a whole new array of responsibilities – house projects, yard clean-up, car washing, etc. That’s why garage sales are such a great idea during these busy but beautiful months. Allowing you to enjoy those sunny weekend afternoons and earn a little extra cash, garage sales also offer the chance to conquer the clutter that’s been piling up throughout the winter. Here are some simple steps to help make your garage sale successful.

  1. Gather Troops And Start Early

Allow yourself at least double the time you think it’s going to take to prepare. Trust us, you always find additional things that need to be done/fixed/cleaned… you get the picture. It’s also a good idea to get buy-in from your friends and family on helping with the sale. Whether they are helping by cleaning, providing inventory or offering support the day of, having a team makes running a garage sale much smoother.

  1. Prep The Sale Area

By setting up your staging area early, you allow yourself the opportunity to easily organize all your items. Keep in mind, people are more inclined to stop if you set up in your yard or driveway. Some people are intimated to enter a closed-in garage. Also, make sure that anything that could be dangerous to customers is taken care of or clearly marked. For example, a step up/down.

  1. Gather Your Inventory

We love this part! Your inventory can be found anywhere in your home, don’t be afraid to clear the cupboards, closets and drawers looking for items that you no longer need. In the weeks leading up to the sale, ask your kids to do the same thing. If they need some motivation just remind them that by cleaning the clutter, they can earn some summer spending cash.

  1. Think Like The Customer

Before the first day of the sale, remember to think like your shoppers. Are there clear aisles? Are things clearly marked? Is there proper lighting? In addition, make sure you have cash on hand and shopping bags for when people purchase more than one item and consider providing lemonade or water.

Garage sales, while overwhelmingly a positive, do take a lot of preparation. However, by getting the whole family involved and starting early, garage sales may just become a summertime tradition for you and your family. Make sure to check back throughout the month for more tips and inspiration involving the garage.

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