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Dazzling DIY Garage Tips

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Garage, Organize by Room

Garage organization can be accomplished through numerous DIY projects that you can complete over time. Below are some tricks we find to be the most useful, our favorites you could say. Better Homes and Gardens recommends using spice containers to store nuts, bolts and other smaller items. Have an extra hose in your garage? Babble suggests wrapping it around a bucket so you can store relevant items in the same spot. Some garages don’t have the space for a large storage unit for sporting equipment—especially all the sports balls. Real Simple has a simple solution: corral them all into a mesh laundry bag. A lot of tape can find its way into the garage when there is a craftsman in the area. Organize and make dispensing easy with this wooden creation from American Woodworker. Have you used any of these DIY tricks before for your garage? Or are you planning on using them in the future? Do you have additional DIY tricks we didn’t discuss? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure to check back throughout June for even more tips and inspiration involving the garage.

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