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Tackle Game-Day Parties with Ease

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Fall, Organize by Season

Football season is here. Are you prepared to have your friends and family over for game day? Now’s the time to huddle up and come up with a good game plan to make your home the perfect place for football festivities and fun.

A good place to start when preparing for a football party is to examine your TV room. If you plan on having a large amount of people over, make sure you have ample seating. To add temporary seating, bring in unused lawn furniture, folding chairs or even ottomans and entryway benches.

For kids, big pillows and blankets on the floor make the perfect hangout spot. If you have a large entertainment center, or TV console, use it to store extra blankets and pillows. You may also want to store cleaning supplies in in your TV room in case a rowdy fan spills on the carpet or furniture.

ClosetMaid’s wire shelving allows you to maximize space in your pantry.

Remember, not everyone invited may be a football fan. Having an alternative activity planned, like cards or board games, gives guests an easy out if they’re not interested in the game. So don’t worry. When it’s your turn to host the party, the home team always has the advantage. With a few smart maneuvers, you’re ready to kick-off the season with ease and style.  



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