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The Boutique Closet

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Just this year The Wall Street Journal published an article titled The $100,000 Closet. The article drew attention to a growing trend in high-end real estate: sumptuous closets that “go well beyond the typical walk-in and are created to look more like plush lounges or designer stores.”

The owners of these extravagant spaces spared no expense, installing flat-screen televisions, breakfast bars with champagne refrigerators, crystal chandeliers and surround sound systems.

Although these over-the-top closets aren’t realistic for many of us, we all deserve a beautifully designed and well-organized boutique-inspired closet that we look forward to “shopping” in every day. Here are some tips for creating your own boutique-inspired closet without overspending.

Paint. A simple coat of paint can take your closet from pretty to Pinterest perfect! We love how Jenna from SAS Interiors spiced up her walk-in closet by painting the ceiling a bold orange. To see before and after photos of Jenna’s amazing closet makeover, check out her blog. 

Make a place for jewelry. Storing jewelry in your closet allows you to easily pick out accessories as you create outfits. Re-create the feeling of a boutique by displaying larger necklaces on wall-mounted hooks and statement earrings on a stylish jewelry tree. Use a jewelry tray placed in a shallow drawer to organize more delicate pieces.

Add drama. Dress up your closet with a stylish light fixture, mirror or colorful rug. Adding accessories to the space will make it feel less like a closet and more like a designer dressing room.

Take a seat. If room allows, add a chair or ottoman to your closet for trying on shoes. Having a decorative piece of furniture in your walk-in will make you feel like you're stepping into a lush lounge.

Buy pretty hangers. Investing in matching hangers instantly makes your closet feel like a chic boutique.

Install a valet rod. A valet rod helps you stay organized by displaying the outfits you pick out in advance. Plus, having your favorite fashions displayed makes “shopping” in your closet more fun.

Make it smell good. One of the best parts of shopping in a boutique is the ambiance. Spray your closet with your favorite perfume or purchase scented sachets or scented drawer papers to keep your clothes smelling wonderful. For more drool-worthy closet inspiration check out our Designer inspired – DIY acquired challenge.

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