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Organize for Baby

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There is nothing more precious than bringing home your little one for the first time. But, preparing for that moment – while extremely exciting – can also be nerve-racking and a little overwhelming.

Transitioning a home office or guest bedroom into a nursery creates a lot of misplaced items and little shoes, little shirts and little toys can add up to be a big problem if not organized and stored properly. So, how do you organize for baby? How do you design a nursery that’s inviting and imaginative with plenty of storage space for all those little accessories? Here's a tip to get you started.

When designing a nursery closet, it’s important to remember that your baby will grow quickly. ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack system, pictured below, allows for easy customization as storage needs change. The shelves are adjustable and a number of accessories such as wire baskets and drawer kits are available. Investing in a flexible, high-quality closet system will not only create tons of storage now, it will continue to provide customized storage forever.



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