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Before and After: Two DIY Organization Projects

Posted by: Storganization Staff

Regardless of the size of your closet or storage room and the items in it, clutter will find a way to creep in without proper organization systems. Follow along as we work on two organization projects, a small closet and a spacious she shed.

Maximize a small space

Take a look at the items taking up the most space in your closet. When Christine first decided to give her husband’s closet a makeover, she took inventory of the items causing the most clutter. In this case, it was his shirts. Christine then prioritized hang space -- and lots of it -- to provide breathing room for his clothes.

small closet designThe original closet had a lack of hang space and shelving to properly store items.


Next, a lack of shelving space and drawers resulted in smaller items floating around the closet without a permanent home. So to corral belts, socks, hats and off-season items, Christine wanted a tower-based system with the option to add drawers and top shelves for added storage space.

Finally, to give the closet a masculine look, Christine opted for the Midnight Brown color in the SuiteSymphony line. 

After the new closet system arrived, Christine removed the old closet system, patched the holes and installed the SuiteSymphony closet over a weekend. 

The final system, completed just in time for a Father’s Day surprise, provides four hang spaces, off-season storage space, drawers for small items and open shelves. 

“It took 18 years but we finally ripped out the one wire shelf that was installed by the builder and replaced it with this masculine closet system,” said Christine.

closet organizerThe final closet provides four hang spaces and multiple shelves.

Create space with a she shed

Home decor enthusiast Forlisa had more decorations than space. She’s lucky enough to have a spacious shed, which could be fully dedicated to her decor backstock and serve as a personal ‘store’ during season changes. 

The first step in the design process was to evaluate the amount of display space Forlisa would need. To keep her she shed as organized and beautiful as a store and not a storage unit, white wood shelving was an obvious choice.

how to install shelvesForlisa and her husband installed white wood shelves in the she shed.

Forlisa also needed a space to stash small items, so a tower-based system with drawers was also selected to complement the white shelving. She ultimately selected multiple premium wood shelves, a SuiteSymphony base tower and two modern drawers to complete the look.

“​​I'm in love with home decor, therefore the shelves made it so much easier to store my extra decor. Plus it’s like my own personal store,” said Forlisa.

Forlisa_sheShedA collection of six shelves and a tower provides plenty of storage space for Forlisa’s home decor supplies.

The final result is a beautiful display space for Forlisa’s collection of home decor. The shelving allows her to easily find what she needs and swap decor items seasonally.

wood shelvingOrganized by color, it’s easy to quickly find and grab items.

You can transform and improve your storage areas just like Christine and Forlisa. It just takes a little preparation and elbow grease. 

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