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An Inside Look into a Blog Mom's Solutions for Messy Kids’ Closets

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: #MyClosetMaid, Kids Storage, Closet Organization

Kids will be kids, and that means cleaning constant messes.

For parents everywhere, this can mean dealing with toy clutter, clothes and beloved stuffed animals thrown all over the floor. It may feel like setting up a system you and your kids will actually use is nothing more than wishful thinking, but don't worry. We've got you covered! 

In this blog post, we'll give you an inside look into the closet strategies for kids that aesthetic mastermind and blogger supermom Stacy Smith of @farmhousetofrills developed during her recent partnership with ClosetMaid. 

From selecting the right shelving and sorting boxes to selecting a design everyone will love, these tips and tricks will help you organize each of your little one’s messy closets (and maybe even your own) in no time!

Instagram profile of Farmhouse to FrillsLifestyle blogger Stacy Smith highlights the strategies she uses to ensure a clean, organized home in every room of the house, even those messy kids’ room closets.

Create curated storage spaces

Messes happen, and when they do, you’ll want to be able to tend to them as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that your precious time together isn’t wasted on constant cleanup duty! 

Teaching your children about cleaning up after themselves is also a great way to positively encourage a little taste of responsibility early on. (And potentially save you from years of lower backaches and headaches as well.)

Work beside your children to set a good example and make a game of putting away each item when the official playtime is over. Creating specific areas where each toy is meant to go will help your kids easily adapt to the new routine.

Add a few color-coded fabric drawers from ClosetMaid to easily sort each child’s favorite toys, extra clothing and more, safely. Label each drawer and storage box with a curated title card, or photo for those still learning to read, to create landing zones your children will remember. 

The fabric drawers are available in over 40 different colors, so you will easily find each child's favorite. Select fun colors similar to the pink baskets used in Stacy’s design, seen in her shared Reel, to create an overall mood for your children’s rooms.  

girl's bedroom closetStacy showcases her new, pink closet aesthetic tying the organization system together with a fun and unexpected twist in an often overlooked area of the home. 

Build the right framework 

Selecting the right framework for your new organization system to store all of your newly labeled containers is essential for creating a system that will last. Stacy selected two of ClosetMaid’s best-known product lines, ShelfTrack and SuiteSymphony, to redefine how she and her children think, use and feel about their closet spaces.

“Kids’ spaces are some of the hardest to keep clean and organized, but this @closetmaid system has made it so easy for my kids to stay organized! The best part about this closet system is that all of the toys now have a designated space in the closet so they are no longer strung all over the room,” says Stacy regarding her new ShelfTrack system. “Happy kids and happy Mama here!” 

Stacy also selected the popular attachments available for ShelfTrack or any wire systems, the Sliding 7inch Wire Drawers. These baskets conveniently slide open so items inside can be easily reached and hidden away again when you no longer need them. 

wire sliding drawer in closet

Use the customized closet accessories fit for each of our quality organization systems to enhance your experience when using our products in any closet of your home.

ClosetMaid products make it easy to redesign the perfect fit for all of your most-used spaces with a wide variety of available organizational items. So easy in fact, Stacy completed her pink toy closet makeover for one room, only to start right away on the next!

Choose the right accessories

Not content to reorganize just one of her daughter’s closet spaces, Stacy went to work on both project areas, back-to-back. With the SuiteSymphony 25in. Starter Kit and complementary accessories, Stacy quickly redesigned her little girl’s closet from a pink traffic jam into a sweetly organized space.

before and after images of girl's closetPictured: the before and after photos of Stacy’s little girl’s closet!

The SuiteSymphony kit is easy to install, with multiple finishes, units and accessories to suit any need. 

Stacy selected the crisp white finish with modern drawer inserts for a pristine, minimalist aesthetic, completely changing the feeling of the space in the process, making it nearly unrecognizable! 

Adding a touch of elegance and a surprising hint of green to the space by incorporating tiny, indoor plants is also a great way to create a refreshing atmosphere when entering any closet. Hanging certain items on specific racks can help eliminate clutter and create a pleasing, level effect even in your children’s chaotic closet spaces.

shelves and drawers in wood closet

Adding a surprising hint of green to your closet by incorporating artificial plants into your setup can create a light, calming atmosphere in any indoor space. 

“Thank you @closetmaid for making this Mama’s life so much easier! We went from a hot mess of a closet to a clean and organized one I never realized how much I needed this!” Stacy says. 

No matter the closet, revitalizing, organizing and adapting your closets to suit any need is a simple task with ClosetMaid.

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