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A New York City Closet Makeover with ClosetMaid and Barbara Reich

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Living in a rental is tough, especially if that rental is a small and older New York City apartment. With closets few and far between, finding storage space can be tricky, especially for Bonnie Williams, whose years in high-end retail has led to a large and beautiful fashion collection.

As Bonnie prepared to move into a new apartment, it was the perfect timing for ClosetMaid and professional organizer Barbara Reich to help her get organized. The first challenge was finding a better way to store Bonnie’s massive shoe collection.


BEFORE-Bonnie Williams Makeover.jpg


Next, it was time to lay out all of Bonnie’s clothes. With Barbara’s help, Bonnie discarded outdated or duplicated items, and her wardrobe was successfully reduced by about 25 percent!


Bonnie makeover-018.jpg


Once every item of clothing had been sorted, Bonnie needed a place to store it all. With low-ceilings and a basic plank and pole system in the closet, it was clear that a closet organizer would work best.


Bonnie makeover-032 - Copy.jpg


A completely DIY, adjustable and flexible ClosetMaid ShelfTrack wire shelving system was selected and designed for the entryway and master closets.


03-26-2017 Bonnie Apt Makeover7055.jpg

Barbara and Bonnie installing ShelfTrack in the master closet.

Bonnie Apt Makeover After-066 - Copy.jpg

Bonnie’s organized entryway closet.


Since shoe storage was a must-have for this fashionista, two 15-Cube Organizers were added, with one placed at the bottom of her entryway closet for her most frequently worn footwear, and another paired with a Stackable Horizontal Organizer in the bedroom.


03-26-2017 Bonnie Apt Makeover7152.jpg


With only two closets, additional storage space was still needed to hold Bonnie’s handbags, accessories, and other miscellaneous items. Bonnie and Barbara added SuiteSymphony towers with modern-style doors and drawers to a nook in the dining room.


Bonnie Apt Makeover After-138.jpg


The doors and drawers were perfect for keeping sweaters, workout clothes, and table linens and utensils tucked away and out-of-sight in the dining room.


03-26-2017 Bonnie Apt Makeover7126.jpg


For Bonnie’s smaller items, a Ladder Bookshelf by the front door now displays her most treasured keepsakes, and a 6-Shelf Hutch Bookcase resides in the living room.


Bonnie Apt Makeover After-064.jpg  03-26-2017 Bonnie Apt Makeover7141.jpg


At the end of the day, Bonnie and Barbara created a perfect, organized space with ClosetMaid!

Are you a renter? Explore more of our renter-friendly products here, and make sure to check with your landlord before installing a ShelfTrack or SuiteSymphony system. For more organization tips and closet makeovers, visit, and check out all of our other channels: FacebookTwitter, InstagramPinterestYouTubeHouzz and Flickr

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