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7 Essential Home Updates to Stay Organized All School Year Long

Posted by: Storganization Staff Tags: Home Organization, Tips, Kids Storage, Back-to-School

For many people, back to school is a particularly stressful time of year. If you have children, the anxiety and chaos build up quickly until you’re completely overwhelmed come time for fall. 

However, setting your kids up for success is paramount as the school year approaches, and an organized home life is vital in your child’s development. While not everyone is naturally organized, taking steps to create routines and systems will aid your kids and help them learn essential lifelong lessons!

Avoid the turmoil associated with the start of school by trying out these seven essential home updates to stay organized all year long!

1. Declutter Your Closets
Picture this: You’ve managed to get breakfast on the table. One kid is still trying to decide what to wear and another is stuck under an avalanche of clothes that just fell out of the closet after pulling that one shoe off the top shelf. 

Does this sound all too familiar

Master your morning prep routine by decluttering your closets. To start, give everything its own place by installing wire closet organizers. Once you have your desired layout, add accessories like drawers and shelving that will help get your kids out of the door on time in the morning.


Installing drawers in your child’s closet enables her to access often used items without parental help.

Your kids might not be the only ones having problems getting ready for the day. Consider making updates to your own closet. For a sophisticated look, try a wood closet system (available in several finishes to suit your decor). No matter your style, you’ll find a solution to keep clutter at bay and make mornings run more smoothly. 

2. Take Time for To-Do’s
Remember that old to-do list from your youth? The one that rewarded you with gold stars if you washed the dishes, vacuumed the floors or mowed the lawn? Bring that back to make chores much easier to accomplish. Display the to-do list on a white board or even paint a section of your wall with chalkboard paint. Let your kids write the list while you assign tasks and responsibilities. 

Not only will it help things get done, but it also creates a sense of accountability. If a child sees that their parent is diligent in completing their to-do’s, they may be more likely to reciprocate. After all, that saying “monkey see, monkey do” has to have some merit behind it!

3. Reconsider Your Sleep Situation
You know how you feel when you tossed and turned all night. But getting a good night’s sleep also helps us think clearly, remember information and make rational decisions.

Considering the amount of decisions you have to make on a busy morning as a parent, you need a functional mattress that aligns with your unique sleep style. 

A good mattress can help you get the all-important quality sleep you need to function well throughout the day and the school year.

4. Stay Serious with a Schedule
Between school starting up, sports practices, music lessons and any other extracurricular activities your kids may be participating in, it can be hard to keep track of everything! Prevent complete and total meltdown by utilizing an organization tool, like a calendar. 

Display it in clear sight with everyone’s schedule clearly stated. Color coordinate activities by person to keep it easy to read.

5. Make a Storage Statement
Storage doesn’t have to be stuffy. Spice things up with some unexpected styles that are sure to eliminate clutter! From ladder shelves to cube organizers or wire bins, the options are endless! Make a space work even better with stackable storage that saves room without sacrificing any of the benefits of organization.

13031 -  Wire Bin - BLUE

Colorful wire baskets add character to any space and make it easy to see what’s stored inside.

6. Keep Up with the Kitchen

A simple way to keep life organized during the school year is to keep up with kitchen maintenance. Whether it’s doing the dishes in a timely manner or putting away the pots or pans so they are readily available for when you need them, small lifestyle changes can save you a lot of time during meal prep. Don’t forget to utilize that to-do list and dole out chores accordingly!

7. Arrange by Activity
Finally, when it comes to the layout of your home, there are specific tactics you can use to make life a whole lot easier. Arranging your rooms by activity helps keep spaces well-ordered and functional. By designating certain areas for distinct purposes, your home is sure to run like clockwork!

What is your top tip for staying organized during the school year? Tell us in the comments below or tag us on social media with your best advice.


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