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Five Organization Tips for Open Floor Plans

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An open floor plan is an excellent idea for those who enjoy wide spaces for entertaining or keeping an eye on everything that's going on around the house without being restricted by doors or walls. Unfortunately, this can also mean a lack of privacy and reduced storage, especially for those times you need to hide your clutter from visitors.

You probably don't want to be able to see all your clutter from the kitchen, dining room and living room, although you still want to be able to access those areas without hindrance. Clothes, books and belongings can tend to pile up, collect dust and create clutter in these spaces.

Keep reading for a few tips to help keep your open floor plan neat and tidy.  

  1.   Organize the Entryway

After a long and tiring day, all you want to do is unwind – but not before putting your purse on the kitchen counter or draping your coat over the closest chair. This is a simple slippery slope to a cluttered home. 

It is important to include storage in an open floor plan. An entryway closet or shelf and hang rod is a great solution for the items you wear and carry. 

Cubeicals or a storage bench also work great for stowing away items by the door and providing a place to sit and put on or take off your shoes. 

With the right storage and organization, you'll find that your items have their own space to call home and won't get in the way in your open room.

Entryway IdeasCreate a drop zone by the front door for your family’s outerwear.
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  1.   Try Rearranging Your Furniture to Make Separate Zones

Another way to organize your open floor plan is changing the room’s layout.

Giving your living room furniture its own space apart from the kitchen and entryway can help keep clutter contained too. The coffee table, sofa and any side chairs you may have can create their own zone, and you won’t have to worry about kitchen clutter while watching your favorite television show. 

You can also include a console table, placing it behind your sofa. This will create a display space to help separate your living room from your kitchen. You can use the same trick for your dining area as well, where you can strategically place a console table to give the space a focal barrier.

  1.   Add Armoires and Closets to Reduce Clutter

If you are in the habit of throwing your stuff around, then you need to have someplace to store it all away instead of simply throwing it on the floor where it's visible to everyone in an open floor plan room. This is where closets and other furnishings come into the picture. If closets are lacking in your home, consider adding some as soon as possible. At the very least, you could settle for closets on the smaller side – these aren’t too difficult for carpenters to install.

Large armoires and closets are capable of housing just about anything. We're talking about family games, spare clothes, coats, purses, hobby and craft supplies, or even office equipment you seldom use. When putting all that stuff away, you'll instantly notice how much tidier and cleaner your open floor plan looks as a result.

Closets are perfect to store any cleaning equipment too. Nobody wants to see your vacuum cleaner when they come over, so if you can hide it, do!

And, if you tend to have a lot of overnight guests, wouldn't it be better to buy a sleeper sofa, which also includes space to store the towels and bed linen that your guests will be using?

  1.   Get a Kitchen Island

There's nothing a person appreciates more than peace of mind. This is impossible to achieve, however, if they can't get their meals cooked when their children or pets are continually running about under their feet. That's why it's always good to create a feeling of separation by including a physical barrier in the form of a kitchen island. If you don't have an island yet, you can choose a mobile one instead – preferably a large one – which will divide your kitchen from the living room.

Living Room FurnitureStorage furniture makes an open living space instantly more organized.

  1.   Add Furnishings with Storage

Lastly, before we head out, it’s always a good idea to include furnishings that have storage facilities. We recommend an oversized ottoman that's just spacious enough on the inside to fit magazines and lap blankets. Tables with storage to keep the TV items such as remote controls out of the way when they aren't in use. Besides that, we also recommend the window seat, which can pretty much store anything you can think of, including smaller household items.

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